In our debut episode, we went in search of answers to seemingly simple questions: Why do people have tombstones? What is memorialization? From the tangible sculpted rock face of the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota to the personal accounts of a mortician in Philadelphia, we listen as people tell us why they remember.

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Grownup investigations with a child's sense of wonder.

Roam Schooled is a show about the pleasure of finding things out. It starts with a question, usually by one of my six-year old daughters, Vern and Dana. I’m Jim Brunberg, a musician, producer and sound engineer. 

Roam Schooled began a year ago, when I realized we were spending too much time at home on the laptop and other devices. We live in Portland, Oregon, but answers are anywhere and everywhere you dream to look. So we put our 1991 Winnebago to use, to go and talk to people—in person. One question typically led us to another, and away we went.

We began to hit the road on days off from school, on weekends and during the summer. The girls ask a lot of questions. Out in the world, we encountered all sorts of people to help find the answers. 

The kids’ perspective catapults the subject matter from place to place, but this isn’t a kids’ show. It’s for anyone with a desire to explore.

Our motto is, Let's Go Find Out.